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Create a Logo in Videojet

Hello friends
Friends, in today’s block we will talk about the new logo in Videojet 1000 Series i.e. VJ-1510, VJ-1530, VJ-1220, VJ-1210, VJ-1610, VJ-1710, Willett-630, Willett-640. How to make a new logo, you have to read this blog well from beginning to end and you will follow all these steps properly only then you will be able to create new people.

  1. Friends, first of all, turn on the UPS and take special care that UPS should be installed on the machine.
  2. After that switch on the M/C and wait for the machine to come on screen for 2 minutes.
  3. After the machine is on, you will see these 8 folders on the top of the display Message, Editor Printing, User fields, System, Configure, Calibrate, and Data login.
  4. You will see that our cursor is first on the Folder i.e. Message (ie the folder on which the cursor is located, the Folder White remains)
  5. To create a new logo, we have to bring User Fields in the right arrow button before the cursor.
    Then press the End Button on User Fields, and an option comes in the User Field.
    (The option of a new user field does not come) So for that first you have to go to the folder containing the password and enter the password first, this series has a general password of 2222 After entering this password, press the End Button.
    After that, you have to go to the user fields folder again and press the End Button.
    After this, you have to enter the new user fields, and after that, you have to enter the new name of the people ie file (like you have to make a logo of a square.
    So we will put a square in the file, and after that, we will come to the bottom line and end by going to people with the right arrow and left arrow buttons.
    Now you are on the logo-making screen then select the font size from F1.
    Now if you press the space button, a dot will appear. If you press the Space button again on this dot, then the dot will be removed.
    So, friends, you can create people with up, down, right, left and space buttons.
    When your logo is created, after that you press the Esc button, you will see that the cursor comes to the user fields.
    That is, the user fields will be seen in white color, after that with the left arrow key, you have to go to the editor and enter. After entering, you will see that a white arrow will appear above the logo you have created.
    You have to put this white arrow on the top edge by pressing the down arrow key & left arrow key repeatedly.
    After that, the End key has to be pressed, after that to save the logo (shift + F1) button has to be pressed.
    So, friends, you saw how easily we can set our logo, you just have to follow some steps and hope you will set your people well.
    You must have liked this block of ours, thank you for reading this lock of ours.

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